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I am very grateful to have been gifted with the ability to create drawings channeled through my hands by a life force energy. This stream of consciousness takes over the movement of my hand as I hold a drawing utensil. I can work with anything tangible: a ball-point pen, sharpie, colored pencils, paintbrush or oil sticks.
After setting an intention for myself or for another, I enter into a meditative state and allow the ink or paint to flow on a surface in one continuous line. My drawing tool never lifts from the surface of the board during the session. I am as curious as to what will manifest as you are as it doesn’t come from my logical mind, but rather an abstract reality. When my mind becomes active and I begin to become focused on the drawing, I lift my art tool. I refrain from clouding the message sent through the drawing with anything other than the intuitive state of being. I add color to my ink drawings or share words when I feel the need to.

These drawings symbolize the “now” – the present moment of one’s life experience. They allow for validation and reflection regarding one’s current emotions and state of being.

We will work together so that you can create an intention for your drawing to reflect images or symbols that may help you gain clarity on your “now.”

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