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Art & Jewelry

Art Gallery

My paintings are a reflection of what my personal journey and communication with the divine convey. Various collections were created through different approaches – some while in a meditative trance and “souly” open to source working through me. Often the final art aligns with an awareness or idea that had been present in my inner space. Other times, my work is generated as a result of reflective soul-searching moments. I explore by using a variety of sacred tools to nourish my work with the awareness my soul needs at the time.
My work is available for purchase. Please contact me here to discuss payment and delivery/shipping.
Enjoy your journey through my collections.

Jewelry Collection

Gems and crystals provide a nurturing and healing energy. Their beauty reminds us to be grateful for the wonder of nature. Healing crystals interact with our Chakras and can clean out negative energies and infuse us with positive energy.
Chakra balancing is a popular request made by clients when they visit me for an energy healing session. Over the years, I have often been asked which stones they can carry to support their current energy needs. This question has motivated me to create a collection of Chakra-inspired jewelry.
All pieces are handmade by me and no two have been replicated. As crystals and gemstones are all organic in nature, I find that a “wabi-sabi” approach is healthy. I love the Japanese philosophy stating that beauty is found in the imperfection.

As a final touch to the jewelry and to benefit the wearer, I add “healing energy” to each individual piece throughout the process of creation.  
  • I enter the creation process with an intention of healing for the wearer’s best and highest good;
  • followed by an energy clearing of the crystals/stones.
  • As I work, a loving and compassionate reiki energy is infused into the jewelry;
  • followed by a sound activation with heart vibration frequencies to complete the process.

Return Policy

As each piece has been energy activated for the wearer, I don’t accept returns or cancellations. Should a piece of jewelry arrive broken, I will offer free repairs for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should you have any problems with your order, please contact me and I will do my best to rectify it.