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About Me


Lorraine Gachelin

LICENSED AND Certified  Vibrational Sound Practitioner (VSTCLP)

Certified emotion/body code Practitioner

Certified Usui Reiki Master


Lorraine Gachelin is the founder and owner of My Chakra Center™️, located in Dallas, Texas.  Her great passion is to empower people who are ready to shift from being victims of their challenges to being wellness warriors so that they may fully embrace life and live from the heart. 

As everyone’s story is unique to their own personal life experiences, she creates customized sessions for her clients, pulling from the many modalities she offers.  Her goal is to inspire greater self-awareness, true authenticity and allow for a state of balance to become a familiar space for the individual.

After leaving her 28-year career in education, she pursued a path in alternative healing to better serve a broader range of people.  She is trained in Vibrational Sound Therapy, The Emotion Code and Body Code, Reiki, Siwa Murti, Mindfulness and the principles of Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHk).  As an extension of her SoulTalk service, Lorraine is completing her Holistic Life Coach certification under best selling author of 30+ books and spiritual coach, Alan Cohen.

Lorraine, born from French and US parents, has lived in Switzerland, France and the US.  She currently lives in Dallas, Texas.


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