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A Horse’s Loving Heart

Feb 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Did you know that a horse’s heartbeat can recalibrate a human’s heart rate?

Horses support a harmonious state of being.  When humans and horses interact, stress and anxiety levels lower.  Studies show that the horse’s heart field is dominant when interacting with a human they know.  In most cases, the heart rate variation between the two become coherent or matched over time, with the horse’s heart leading a person’s heart rate.*

Love energy truly heals.

If a horse’s heart can be so powerful, can we follow their example and consciously be healers of the heart?
Can our feelings of love, compassion, joy, and gratitude entrain those around us?  Yes, as these feelings resonate at a higher frequency, they naturally lift feelings of fear, pain, sadness and anger.  This is why Global Meditation groups are so positively significant for our world.

“Look at the magnificent manifestation of transformation that you are.  Keep your heart and your awareness open.”

~ Sara Landon

Intending love and compassion to our world during quiet moments of meditation or prayer fuels our planet and its citizens with higher vibrations.  With this one act, you become a ripple of healing energy.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am consciously sending love and light to all the beautiful souls around the world, with special messages of gratitude to you, My Chakra Center’s Community of Wellness Warriors.

Much love,


*HeartMath Institute


We all deserve a dose of nurturing LOVE and blossoming HEALING energy this Valentine’s Day.

My Chakra Center believes in always intending the best and highest good for all.  We can all work together to spread the healing in our communities and on our planet.

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