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2021: Time for Re*SOUL*utions

Jan 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

A Year to Shimmer & Radiate Higher Frequencies

Congratulations to us all!  We’ve made it through the craziness of 2020 and entered a new chapter!  We managed this past year’s ups and downs which indicates our adaptability and capability of riding the roller coaster wave of life!

It’s been a year of self-reflection and a year of heightened emotions.
We’ve experienced feeling the extremes from love to disdain, feeling safe and secure to the fear of the unknown, feeling good to feeling bad.

These are all incredible life experiences once we recognize them as such.

I’m an optimist and the first one to find the silver lining in any situation.  I’m stepping it up this year and finding the GOLD lining to create a higher level of graceful transformation.

What do I wish for in 2021?

True empowerment of the individual in all matters of wellness.  We can all learn to increase our vibrational frequencies to stay healthy – emotionally, physically and spiritually – and help to prevent / heal dis-ease.

Increased global awareness of the importance of being of-service to humankind.  Let’s be kind to each other.  Let’s show compassion.  Let’s be fair.  Let’s be truthful. Let’s be openminded.

A stronger focus on what the word “success” means.  Does it mean money and power?   I vote for Love and Harmony instead.

How can I be part of the manifestation of my wish for 2021?

I can align with my definition of a success:  I live in Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Grace.
I can share these attributes of success with my family, friends, and community at large.
I can nourish my body with healthy foods and maintain a mindful meditation ritual.
I can take the time each day to write in my gratitude journal.
I can be pro-active in spreading the word about Holistic healing.
I can educate people in understanding their chakra system and how they can remain balanced.
I can show empathy and compassion to those in need.
I can set the intention of all I do to always be for the best and highest good of the recipient.

What is your wish for the new year?

Whatever it is you wish to manifest for 2021, keep in mind that it must begin with you.

When YOU feel good, everyone around you benefits from your energy.
Higher frequencies override lower frequencies through the process of entrainment.
YOU can be a conductor of positivity in your environment.

Keeping your chakras balanced and vibrant will keep your energy at a stronger frequency.
Vibrational Sound Therapy brings your physical body into energetic harmony.
Reiki energy keep the good healing intentions active for your best and highest good.

So, with that, I encourage you to invest in your SELF.

I send you all my best wishes for a beautiful new year.  May you be blessed with joy, love, peace of mind, great health, abundance and all things to be grateful for.

💛 Lorraine

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