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Happy Holidays from My Chakra Center

Dec 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

An owl sitting regally on a holiday tree is a reminder of the grace to be found during quiet observation. Owl is a messenger for spirit. He sits calmly out of the way, yet ever so present, as a gentle prompt to reach out to our higher selves, where within, a higher truth is revealed. 🦉

The owl is nocturnal with keen senses of sight and sound. It sees through the shadows of the night and hears the sounds in the silence; the illusion of the darkness. This teaches us to see past our own illusions and trust our intuition and perceptive senses.

~ Anonymous

May this time of the year bring forth introspection, authenticity and the recognition that life is full of possibilities.  The best and highest intentions combined with good-feeling emotions can do nothing short of manifesting a better world for us all.

Sending best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday season full of love and celebration.
💛 Lorraine

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