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The Power of Sound and Vibrations

Nov 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

Why Vibrational Sound Therapy?

The synchronicity of life amazes me.  Once you get on the right path – in my case, to work towards honoring my life’s purpose – the puzzle pieces find their proper placement.  Things just match up.  The key is to trust that the right opportunities present themselves when the timing is right.  Then, recognize it and take action.

After receiving my Reiki Master level certificate, I felt driven to take my interest in energy healing further.  I wasn’t sure what that looked like although I knew that I was curious and there was so much more to learn.  My son was living in Colorado at the time so I signed up for a nearby Vibrational Sound Therapy workshop.  As it turns out, I entered into the world of sound healing and soon realized the impact it would have on my journey and eventually the creation of My Chakra Center.  I was on an incredible new path that opened my eyes to a powerful ancient form of healing.

I arrived in Evergreen, CO excited to meet other students and learn about the secrets of sound healing.  The classroom had hundreds of bowls in all sizes waiting to be explored.  Some were very small and fit on the palm of your hand.  Others were so large you could sit in them for a massive sound experience.  During the training, students became familiar with the bowls, their sounds and frequencies.  I remember a special moment when all students struck the bowls simultaneously and the frequencies sounded like angels singing.  It was incredible and I was so grateful to be a part of the magic.  The energy from the bowls is alive and works with the practitioner to provide the entrainment of frequencies necessary for healing.  The feeling is quite reverent and humbling.

The bowls used for sound healing are therapeutically designed to carry higher vibrations than the normal singing bowl found in gift shops.  When placed on the body – which consists of about 75% water – the vibrations ripple as it does when a pebble is thrown into a pond.  These ripples continue for about 72 hours, keeping the healing process active.

This dynamic is called Cymatics – or the visual representation of sound – which can be demonstrated by the movement of sand on a platter when activated by frequency.  I urge you to search for “vibrations and sacred geometry” and watch videos that show this phenomenon.  When a certain vibrational frequency is reached, the sand automatically forms a geometrical design.  As the frequency rises, the design adapts and a new geometrical form is created.  These forms are referred to as sacred geometry patterns and can be found around the world at ancient civilization sites, including Egypt’s pyramids.  Over the course of history, they’ve appeared as crop circle images or been discovered by archeologists seeking for clues to better understand our planet and its inhabitants.  It has also been suggested that the pyramids of ancient Egypt were used as vibrational sound chambers for healing.  This notion helps to bridge the idea that we energetically respond to vibrational energy.

My perception of how energy works – in layman’s terms

We are all made up of energy.  99% of us is just that – energy.  We are less than 1% matter.  Can you imagine that?  As our energy is not static, it moves or bounces around.  It also has the ability to adapt to different vibrational frequencies.  Higher frequencies are activated by positive emotions, such as love, gratitude,  joy.  Lower frequencies are activated by negative emotions, or those that don’t feel good, such as fear, anxiety, depression and sadness.  Following this logic,  it could be understood that when our negative emotions are not processed and released, they lower the frequencies in our body until they become stagnant, get dense, and eventually manifest as dis-ease.  I would imagine that this could be seen in the form of tumors, cysts, illnesses, lowered immune system, etc..  Louise Hay, among many other spiritual teachers, explain that the body manifests what the mind creates or what our emotions resonate.

Now – let’s get back to the idea of Cymatics and imagine that every cell in our body is represented as a grain of sand.  We then place the vibrational bowls directly on the body, strike and let the vibrations flow.  The water in the body then begins to ripple and those cells align to that frequency’s sacred geometry. They are entrained into the highest frequency – for their best and highest good.

“Our body is a perfect transmitter of vibration….Nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to brain stem and limbic system (our emotional processing center).  Placing the bowls directly on the body significantly increases their effectiveness.  The bowls vibrate at the frequency of perfection… Their sound entrains us into health by entraining our energetic system to resonate with them in their perfection.”

~ An excerpt from Diane Mandle’s article, published in “Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Healing” by Gail Lynn

Spreading the healing

Does the vibrational frequency break up the stagnant or dis-eased energy and therefore entrain it to a higher resonance, aligning with the healthy cells in the body?

In line with what the above quote indicates,  I’ve seen signs that this could be the case, keeping in mind that there is a difference between “Healing” – which means becoming whole –  and “Curing”, which is the elimination of all evidence of disease.  Sometimes these can both happen for a client although I believe that we don’t always understand the bigger picture and the journey our soul is supposed to experience during this lifetime. What I do know is that my clients improve their health and state of well-being when they receive on-body Vibrational Sound sessions.  A client was declared cancer-free by their doctor after working through a combination of conventional medicine and Vibrational Sound Healing.  Another is living a full and vibrant life beyond what the doctors had originally anticipated. Many clients experience lessened stress levels in their body and achieve emotional healing.  Some use these sessions to tap into an inner awareness and spiritual growth.  Regardless of the personal experience, healing is the connecting factor in all instances.

It’s an honor to work with individuals who accompany their health and wellness routines with energy medicine.  Gentle, compassionate and loving energy allows for positive outcomes.   Once your body feels rested as a result of a sound healing session, it can focus on what it is naturally designed to do:  organically heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Sending Light and Love, 💛


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