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Do You Take Five?

Aug 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Reconnect with you.

An accelerated holistic awareness is taking hold of humanity.  Staying at home these past months has encouraged – and in some cases obliged – many to focus on reviewing their lives.  Being faced with learning to better understand and re-awaken the “self”, doors into memory archives have opened, many of which have been pushed back and ignored for a long time.  Old photo albums and journals are reconnecting us with our past.  In the present, some have been thinking about how stressful their jobs are and may even feel out of balance because they are not used to stepping off the fast paced treadmill of life as they knew it prior to the pandemic.  Thankfully, this time has also generated new ideas and projects that we’ve dreamed of yet, never thought we had the time to activate them.

How do we deal with all of the new information we’ve been processing?
How do we turn any heavy energy into a positive? 

It all begins with attitude and intention.  Both of which can be greatly enhanced with meditation.

Meditation has been my daily ritual for years now, and became increasingly vital during the COVID-19 stay at home order.  It allowed time to release any past anger, sadness or feelings of regret.  During this moment of inner-space, I make it a point to work on my chakras to keep them as healthy and balanced as I can.  Each day is different and there are days I feel stronger and more connected than others – and that’s OK.  I honor the words of Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four Agreements: “Always do your best.  Your best is going to change from moment to moment.”  His words tell us to avoid hearing that little voice that tells you it’s not good enough.  Just do the best you can do that day. Meditation also allowed me to connect with my higher self, set new objectives and start planning steps towards my goals.

“Always do your best.  Your best is going to change from moment to moment.”

~Don Miguel Ruiz

For many, the thought of setting up a personal meditation practice can be intimidating as its often viewed as a time-consuming effort, requiring hours upon hours of commitment.  Although there are various types of structured meditation for the disciplined student, I find that a short and consistent meditation practice is easy to maintain and provides a sense of “zen” as I move through my day.

Set the tone for the day

I’d like to encourage you to take as little as five minutes of quiet time each morning before getting out of bed. Take this time for you – the true you and your thoughts.  Just set that alarm a few minutes earlier than usual and avoid the snooze button.  Wake up peacefully and quietly greet your soul.  Stay quiet, eyes closed with no one watching, judging or criticizing.  It’s a gift you give to yourself – and I truly believe that we are all deserving of spending some quality time with self.

A few ideas to get you started.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, smile, and pick one (or all) of the following:

💛 Repeat the mantra “I am happy, I am healthy, I am love” – and focus your attention on your breath.

💛 Reflect and purposefully select an intention for your day – and say it out loud.  “Today I …”

💛 Reflect on three things you are grateful for – and say “Thank You for …”

💛 Visualize the colors of your chakras and imagine them radiating from inside your body and outwards.  This will help to open them up to feel a greater sense of balance.

Try this for 21 days.  Then, ask yourself how you are feeling.  How are you managing your day?  Are you feeling more connected to who you are?

Perhaps after a few weeks, you may realize that a sense of calm has begun to reside within you.   As you love and nurture this feeling, it will continue to grow and grace your life with positive light.  At this point, you may want to extend your morning sessions to last a little longer.

Wishing you a wonderful experience reconnecting with your self and your soul.

💖 Lorraine

A sample of my handmade mini-malas are featured on this blog photo. During my daily meditation practice, I use my personal mini-mala to guide me through my chakra balancing.  I then close my meditation by acknowledging three things I’m grateful for, honoring the many gifts life brings me.  Mini-malas available for purchase at My Chakra Center.

Special Note:  I’m not a doctor and I’m not a therapist/counselor, so whatever I write is “souly” from personal experience.  Many beautiful souls are in need of professional counseling and treatment for help in difficult situations.  May light, love and blessings be with them as they work through their challenges to find peace of mind and joy in their hearts.

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