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Own Your Energy and Let Your Light Shine

Jun 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered why you may feel depleted of energy?  Why might you feel like you are in a “funk” when everything in the present moment actually seems ok?  Would anyone looking at you from the outside say they don’t perceive anything being wrong – which all the more confuses you?

We all feel out of sync at times.  Maybe your energy is stuck in the past.  This notion is unseen yet it affects us profoundly.  When feeling a bit “off”, a solution could be to address some energy fragments you may have left behind somewhere in your life story.

Shadowed experiences are comprised of energy that has been so deeply pushed away in our memory closets that we’ve selectively chosen to set them off to the side.  They still reside within our cell memory gathering dust, while we pretend to leave the past in the past.  This is a fallacy – what lives in us is attached to us and therefore can affect us.  Please note that I’m not a doctor and I’m not a therapist/counselor, so whatever I say is solely from experience.  Or rather “souly” from experience.  I am, however, a curious person who is interested in human behavior and knowing why we react the way we do to situations.  I am an observer of life and reflect on my own experiences.  I’ve learned from my own challenges and the actions that preceded and followed them – the good and the ugly – sometimes very ugly.  Who knows, you may find a tidbit of information that may encourage you (with the guidance of a trusted therapist) to unpack some not so pretty memories, unload them and reunite with the beautiful soul particles you left behind.

How do we lose our energy?

The information I share below is my interpretation of a key message from the teachings of author, medical intuitive and spiritual leader Caroline Myss.  There are many other incredible leaders in this field and I will refer to them in future posts.  This is simply a point that resonated with me and I thought it may resonate with whomever happens to be reading this.

Based on Caroline Myss’ teachings, we leave little fragments of our energy wherever and whenever we have an emotional reaction.  This means that if we argued with someone who is now on the other side of this planet, a little piece of our energy is stuck there.  Imagine how much of us is dispersed all over the globe!  We end up feeling depleted as our energy is not fully integrated into our own system.

Have you left pieces of energy shattered during your life?  Have you ever escaped a conflicting situation by running away or by mentally “turning off” and ignoring the pain, hurt or anger you felt?

This, according to Caroline Myss is “unfinished business” that is hanging out there in the energy field.

How do we make ourselves whole again? 

The answer is simple. Forgiveness.  The process is more challenging. Compassion, empathy, love in the place of anger, fear and hurt.

By truly forgiving, we release the attachment to the negative emotion, thus reclaiming our “fragment of light”.  Until we let go, this little fragment of soul-light gets stuck in the negative space where we left it.  It resurfaces from time to time – as if it is calling for help.  When left unforgiven for too long, it becomes desperate and seeks to be nurtured by different methods – and risks resorting to dis-ease in the body.  I interpret disease as dense, stuck energy in the physical and causal bodies, also known as energy blockages.

“Forgiveness does not mean saying that what happened to you doesn’t matter or that it is all right for someone to have violated you.  It simply means releasing the negative feelings you have about that event and the person or persons involved.”

~ Caroline Myss

Be proactive and own your energy.

Forgiveness, when done truly and fully from the heart, may be perceived as a preventive approach to healing on soulful and physical levels.  Moving forward, consider your attitude towards situations you face and make sure you keep your precious energy in a safe and positive space.   Add some gratitude for the beautiful light that lives within you.

Wishing you much love, peace and a joy.

♥ Lorraine

The picture on this blog post was taken in Sedona, Arizona.  A trip to Cathedral Rock was the perfect setting for me to let go of emotional energy and forgive myself and past situations and the people who were part of them.   

Special Note:  Many beautiful souls are in need of professional counseling and treatment for help in difficult situations.  May light, love and blessings be with them as they work through their challenges to find peace of mind and joy in their hearts.

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